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Wedding Puzzle Guestbook / Register

This version of the guest book is more than a book. When you have a JC Media Puzzle for your wedding guest book, your guests will be entertained by it, you can frame it for display in your home, or you can keep it in the box and assemble it every year on your anniversary. The puzzle guest books are also made to last for generations – your kids or grandkids might play with your puzzle someday. 

Your puzzle guest book is a first class alternative to the traditional guest book

Our 12 piece or 30 piece puzzle can  be used in multiples of 2 to form 1 big puzzle which can be framed afterwards. 

The pieces are approximately:
12 piece puzzle - 7cm x 6cm area space for writing
30 piece puzzle -  5cm x 4cm area space for writing
60 piece puzzle - 5cm x 4cm area space for writing

Each table can get a portion of the puzzle and build up afterwards. Prices as follow.

Puzzle   Pieces

Completed Size

12, 30 or 60 pieces


48pce Guestbook puzzle

364mm x 540mm

4 X 12 piece puzzle

R 360

72pce Guestbook puzzle

546mm x 540mm

6 X 12 piece puzzle

R 540

96pce Guestbook puzzle

728mm x 540mm

8 X 12 piece puzzle

R 520

120pce Guestbook puzzle

910mm x 540mm

10 X 12 piece puzzle

R 650

60pce Guestbook puzzle

297mm x 420mm

1 X 60 piece puzzle

R 170

120pce Guestbook puzzle

594mm x 420mm

2 X 60 piece puzzle

R 340

180pce Guestbook   puzzle

891mm x 420mm

6 X 30 piece puzzle

R 720

240pce Guestbook puzzle

840mm x 594mm

4 X 60 piece puzzle

R 680