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Collage Puzzles

Photo Collage Montage Puzzle is a collection of your photos designed into a single image and then made into a Jigsaw Puzzle. Our 1000, 500 & 180 piece puzzle are best suited for a collage but can be done in all sizes. You can include as many photos as you want. Price: Add R120 for Collage Design. Photos can be send to cheslyn@jcmedia.co.za.

This is a great gift to give at weddings, at graduation to your classmates where you can capture your wedding or graduation photo shoots and put them all into the one puzzle. They also make great gifts for kids, getting them to sit down with their own personalized jigsaw puzzle featuring several of his favorite photos of themselves, their family or their friends. Can be used as a birthday party gift to the birthday person or to give back to the guests.